Some papers about BPF(eBPF)

[xxxx.xx] bpf - perform a command on an extended BPF map or program

[xxxx.xx] Linux Socket Filtering aka Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF)

[2017.12] A thorough introduction to eBPF

[2019.11] Filesystem sandboxing with eBPF

[2019.10] Type checking for BPF tracing

[2019.06] BPF for security—and chaos—in Kubernetes

[2019.05] BPF: what's good, what's coming, and what's needed

[2019.04] An eBPF overview series from Collabora

[2019.05] The state of system observability with BPF

[2018.02] BPF comes to firewalls

[2014.05] BPF: the universal in-kernel virtual machine

[2019.04] Linux Observability with BPF: Advanced Programming for Performance Analysis and Networking

[2019.03] Linux Observability with eBPF

[xxxx.xx] [Netflix] [Brendan Gregg] Linux Extended BPF (eBPF) Tracing Tools

[2018.12] [Netflix] [Brendan Gregg] NetConf 2018 BPF Observability

[2017.09] [Netflix] [Brendan Gregg] Performance Analysis Superpowers with Linux BPF

[2016.03] [Netflix] [Brendan Gregg] Linux BPF Superpowers

[2018.04] Why is the kernel community replacing iptables with BPF?

BCC - Tools for BPF-based Linux IO analysis, networking, monitoring, and more


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